1. 1. The first patent of remote transmission water meters in China.

    The inventor Pan Ke applied for the first Chinese patent on the remote transmission water meters in 1989. The patent technology was called remote transmission flow water meter ( patent number 89205961.3).

    2. Specialized remote water meter manufacturing and professional development team.

    During1996-2015, Weiwei Company has been only concentrating on one product, namely remote water meter. We have professional research and development teams, together with specialized devices, design and services. We have been approved as the only "smart meter reading engineering technology research center" in Shandong Province by Science and Technology Department.

    3. Continue to lead the forefront technology of remote water meters.

    Weiwei is the inventor and pioneer of forefront technology ,such as photoelectricity , pulse, reed switch, double reed switch, self holding switch, thick film direct reading, switch direct reading and so on. Just the subject of remote water meters has applied for 32 patents.

    4. The most extensive and enduring application in remote water meters.
    Large-scale remote remote water meter production started in 1996. Business involves various types of enterprises, like water companies, water meter factories, system integration and real estate. We have over 20 years of successful application experience on site.

    5. Twenty-four years of good reputation of the "Weiwei" remote water meter registered trademark.
    On February 28, 1994, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce formally approved the registered trademarks of “Weiwei " remote water meter registered trademark (registration number 679451、4592811). Color advertisement for series of Weiwei remote water meter products which published in the November,1996 Issue of "Water & Wastewater Engineering" is the first color page advertisement for water meters in China.