Garlic for Acne

Garlic is a common herb used to flavor food. However, over the years it has been used as an unconventional medicine to treat a wide array of diseases and conditions from fungal and bacterial infections to hardening of the arteries. It can also be used as an alternative treatment for certain types of acne.

Garlic tends to work best on bacterial related acne and those with oily skin where an overproduction of oils in the skin leads to excessive acne blemishes. However, you’ll need to dilute the garlic juice with another substance, like rose water, which will prevent the garlic juice from burning your skin.

Why Is Garlic Good For Acne?

One major reason that you should take garlic for acne is because of its antioxidant properties. Our bodies are full of free oxygen atoms that travel through our bodies “stealing” electrons from good, healthy cells just like skin cells. This causes irreparable damage to our bodies and is overall a bad thing.


So, we have to get lots of antioxidants (think of them as anti-oxygen molecules). So, where can we get lots of these free-oxygen fighting compounds?

Move over green tea, blueberries, and you other fruits and vegetables, there’s a new antioxidant king of the hill. According to Canadian researchers, garlic contains the strongest antioxidant of all, including any synthetic sources.

…garlic contains the strongest antioxidant of all…

The compound called allicin, which gives garlic its pungent taste and smell, decomposes into the ultimate antioxidant sulfenic acid. Dr. Derek Pratt, the Canada Research Chair in Free Radical Chemistry said, “The reaction between the sulfenic acid and radicals is as fast as it can get, limited only by the time it takes for the two molecules to come into contact. No one has ever seen compounds, natural or synthetic, react this quickly as antioxidants.”

Garlic also has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. This means that using garlic for acne can help kill the bacteria that causes acne.

A Few Garlic Acne Treatments

Here are a couple of the more popular ways to use garlic for acne treatment:

Eating Garlic For Acne

Eating or (even easier) drinking garlic mixed with v8 juice or water is a great way to fight acne from the inside out. It will help strengthen your immune system and improve your overall health. Here’s how you do it:

Crushed Garlic

  • Crush 1 or 2 cloves of fresh raw garlic.
  • Mix it with a little water, v8 juice, or whatever you like.
  • Drink it.
  • Brush your teeth afterward to prevent garlic breath

Do this once or twice a day and it will really help your overall health, and hopefully clear up your acne. One of the best times to do it is at night, then brush your teeth after and again in the morning. Brushing twice will minimize any problems with acne breath the next day.

However, don’t expect overnight results. Sometimes I have heard of this working very quickly, but usually it takes some time before you notice major results.

Garlic Spot Treatment For Acne

First, a warning about applying garlic to your skin: always dilute it in water or something else, and be very careful the first time you do it because it can cause a serious burn. So here’s how to spot treat acne with garlic:

  1. Crush a clove of raw garlic (cutting or crushing garlic is what triggers production of allicin).

  2. Mix it in some water (use more water if you have sensitive skin).

  3. Rub the garlic mixture onto your acne spots.

  4. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes (if you see that your skin is handling it well, feel free to leave it on overnight).

  5. Wash it off.

Other Natural Acne Treatments To Compliment Garlic

As powerful as garlic is, you may find that it’s not quite enough to completely rid you of your acne. If that’s the case, then you may find it helpful to combine a garlic treatment with other natural treatments for acne such as green tea for acne or fish oil for acne.

Another option is to focus on any underlying causes that may be contributing to your acne. Diet, lifestyle, and other factors can all contribute to creating an “acne environment” within your body.

If you like the idea of fixing the underlying causes of acne (instead of just treating the outward symptoms) then take a look at my review of Acne No More, a step-by-step guide to treating acne. It covers things like cleansing, toxic buildup, diet, exercise, stress, fasting, and much more. It outlines a step-by-step treatment plan that will help you get rid of your acne and improve your overall health.

If you do decide to go with a garlic treatment for your acne, then really keep in mind: go slow in the beginning. Use extra water, and don’t leave the garlic treatment on very long the first time you try it. It can seriously give you blisters if you do it wrong and have sensitive skin.

That’s all I can tell you about garlic acne treatments. I hope you find this information useful, and if you have ever tried using garlic for acne, please tell us about it in the comments. Good luck with your acne!

About Sophia Simmons

This article is written by Sophia Simmons. She is an independent researcher with a passion for beautiful skin. In the past, she has struggled with her own acne troubles. Now she tries to help other people suffering with acne find their own unique paths to healthy, clear skin.

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  1. Mellisa says

    i have really bad acne and i have tried alot of products and they work for a while but eventually they stop working. My mother then told me to use garlic but instead of consuming it, she told me to put it on my face and that is what i did. However i did not do it right. Even though she told me to dilute the garlic i didn’t because i wanted fast results and now i have bruises all over my face. I used it for three nights straight and it burned like hell. On the bright side, even though i look like i was in a really nasty fight with my cat, 80% of my acne is gone after just three days!!! The garlic really works. I cant wait for these bruises to go away so that i can start using it again, the right was this time.

  2. says

    A few months ago, i had acne on my forehead. After using Epiduo, i was very happy blc it helps me alot. Soon, i stopped using Epiduo and now i have acne on my whole face. I also started using garlic which doesn’t show any results yet. Could you plz help me in getting my old skin back plz? What should i do? Reply me soon.

    • Admin says

      Sorry to here that Neel. I think I’m going to add a big warning at the top of the article to make sure people don’t use undiluted garlic. I know I mentioned this a couple times in the article but maybe it was too far down.

  3. Helen says

    My boyfriend uses way to much garlic in his food and he cooks for me all the time and it’s yummy food! . I have noticed since we’ve been together my acne has reduced so much over the last 3-4 months! :D

  4. mike says

    Garlic does really work I’ve been using it for 3 nights and now I can see a lot of difference on my face….thank god, and garlic

  5. rizza says

    i have itchy pimples all over my face and i used minced garlic earlier. is it good or bad? im waiting for the results now and hope to see changes on it tomorrow!

  6. junie velayo says

    i just read this article and i try it .. i hope it will really help to prevent and cure my pimples .. before i read this article i put some minced garlic without diluting it .. it is the first time .. and im a little bit worried because i did not dilute it .. would it affect my face and turn into burnings just like what ithers did comment? im afraid .. please answer my question . thanks ..

    In the other part , i also did drink a water with garlic ,, just now .. it doesnt affect any bad effects to me?

    • Admin says

      I hope the raw garlic didn’t burn you. Always try to dilute it to be safe. Garlic can have a wide range of “heat” depending on various factors (what I mean is some garlic may not burn you as easily as others).

      Eating raw garlic or drinking it with water will usually not cause any problems unless you have some type of gastrological disorder (stomache problems) or other problems with your digestive tract.

      • eimmi says

        I have used garlic on my pimples without diluting it and it really works for me in just one use without any burning.

  7. veeni says

    Hi i have small pimples that are on my forehead and cheeks and they are inside the skin and also few which are out does garlic also help in curing them . im using diluted garlic pnly .plz let me know as it will really help me to continue with it. Also How long does it take to get cure by garlic.An ealry reply awaited.

  8. dana says

    I have been doing this garlic treatment for a week now. I started by diluting garlic in water then soak a piece of cotton in this water and wipe my face with it. what happens is a slightly burning feeling for a few moments compared to adding the garlic mixture on my face (which I also do). But what I am worried about is that not all my pimples react the same. Yet, I feel some good progress. Thanks a million.

  9. betty says

    Hi my skin isnt prone to pimples but whenever i experience my pimples i get one or two acne on my forehead….th acne swells and kind of resembles a boil….i squeeze the swellin and apply garlic before i sleep and i feel so painful….but it dries in the morning….is it working or am just imagining?

  10. Marco says

    Hey guys i need some help here. I’m not english so i didn’t understand that think of diluting i have bad acne, and i would like to try this, but i don’t wana do it fast and rush results cus it didn’t work the past times. SO how i do it? i just put the garlic in water then use it or what? sorry for stupid question :| Please answer

  11. bihnumfor says

    Hello,thanks for the remedy.I am doing this for the first time.DIlluting garlic,drinking and applying some on ma face.I have been suffering from this pimples for a very long time now and when i saw the post i was very happy coz i have heard alot about garlic.Am also drinking green tea.Hope its not gonna affect my health but cures.Waiting for your quick reply so as to enable me continue with the treatment.Thanks and God bless…….

      • Gabriela says

        Hi ! I have pimples and acnes on my face but mostly on my cheeks. And also I have scars which I guess was hyperpigmentation because it’s brown and some are red and when I go under the sun or outside my face is like tomato does putting diluted garlic can help me? Can help me remove this scars and pimples? I’m really desperate Huhuhuhu please help me I dunno what to do. I don’t want to go to a dermatologist I don’t have that fortune.

  12. memy says

    i add one garlic with spoone of lemon juice i had buring sencation .i have seborrhatic dermatitis with acne. is that good for me apply it

  13. Holly says

    If you have had acne for some time, you should know by now there is no quick solution. In attempting to do so, your skin will burn, boil, or react in a negative way. Acne, depending what’s causing it will not go away overnight. Sorry, I know, we all wish it would. I got acne late , after my mid 20s my skin started to break out with black heads, boils, cysts, zits, then slowly came roascia and escma along with it. I’ve tried many products, pro active, medication, and antibiotics, like everything it works for a while, but then it stops working.

    I came along an article that suggested adapting pre biotic foods and probiotic foods into your regular foods. When your on medication for so long. It takes out all the good gut bacteria. Pre and pro biotic foods re introduce those good gut bacteria that is needed.

    I’m not on any mediation now, was on doxycycline for nearly three years to treat my skin, when the drug became 100$ plus, I stopped taking it and began for home remedy research. Mainly because I gained weight from the product and it was no longer doing its job.

    I’ve found with the home remedy, is just like the drugs, it will only work for so long. My conclusion is, it’s done it’s job and its ready for the next treatment. It won’t take just one treatment to get rid of acne, but different levels. But trying to find those levels can make the skin worse. Is a good idea to keep a log of what you’ve tried.

    Every day I make my own Epsom salt scrub. It has Epsom salt, lavender oil, peppermint extract, eucalyptus oil, and I add milk. The lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, and milk all have cooling properties so it really feels refreshed after this.

    I’ve changed my eating habits as well. We are now on an almost gluten free diet. Rolled oatmeal for breakfast. Kefir and pickles , or salad for lunch with some fruit. One meat with farmed produced. I use coconut oil for cooking. I try to make many things home made as possible and I’m hoping by the end of the year not to be supporting local grocery stores and mass production foods. It’s healthier and my body and skin doesn’t like all the crap that’s put in those manufactured foods. It makes a huge difference when fighting acne. Something to consider when your out of options of healing acne.

    I also just started garlic treatment and warm water with sea salt. So far, so good.

    Btw, I will be making my own soaps soon to, because of all the chemicals out into store bought soaps, my acne gets worse from them.

    Hoped this has helped.

  14. says

    i have been suffering from acne for 2 years. I have taken treatment from dr. but didnt get any result. Next i have started natural remedy like garlic, rubbing tomato. Egg white etc,,,but its failed to my ace. I stress too much especialy at night during night in bed for that i find another acnes added on my face. Plz give suggetion what can i do.

  15. Wail says

    i crushed one small piece of garlic and add small amount of water then set aside for 10 mins then apply the water with garlic on my face and i feel a burning sensation . It will cause bruises ? Please leave a reply . ty

  16. says

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  17. mabel says

    l’m one of acne victim and have sort for solution for over 20years to no avail . I came across your book Acne no more on net and was very happy to have it but, tried all my possible best to buy it and download online but all effort prove aboutive. Because my country Nigeria is not in the list. please help me out of this horriable years of imprisonment of pain, sorrow, bitterness, agony, weeping and crying socking my pillow with tears. I lost my confident for the over 20 years. As I am typing this message I am crying bitterly. Please let God use you to bring my lost hope back.

  18. Mariana says

    I have been using crushed garlic mixed with a bit of warm honey. I put it on my skin as a mask and leave it on for about 20-30 mnts. Then rinse with warm water. I saw inmediate results the next day, while it didn’t Cure existing pimples, it did prevenir new ones from forming n my overal face just looked n felt allot verter.

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  23. says

    If you have acne or pimples this is a great remedy for them! I don’t struggle with acne myself, but I do get breakouts on my forehead every now and then.
    What you need to do is cut a clove of garlic up and put it in a cup of boiling water. Then you need to stir the garlic into the water and use a fork to mash it into smaller pieces so that the garlic juice is released into the water. You can do this for as long as you want depending on how strong you need it to be to treat your problem areas.
    Once the water is lukewarm you can use your fingertips to apply it to your face, rubbing it into the skin like moisturiser.
    If you don’t want to leave it on all day you can apply it in the morning and let it soak into the skin for about 20 minutes then exfoliate your skin. Or you can also mix a little bit of the garlic water in with your moisturiser and leave it on all night, it soaks in like normal.
    You can see a difference within an hour, it might be helpful to do this once a week just to cleanse your skin of all bacteria and dirt that your normal face routine might not be able to draw out.
    Garlic has incredible anti bacterial properties that is very effective in killing the bacteria that causes your breakouts.
    DO NOT apply garlic directly to the skin as it is very strong and can burn the skin. The best way to do it is to dilute it with at least a cup of water.
    I hope this is helpful!

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  28. Addrian Figura Nicolas says

    I started using it tody …I cut 1 clove of garlic into 2…then rub it slowly to affected area on my face….then after that I also applied white or non-gel Colgate.Isn’t okay to apply that way.I hope it works….

    Thank you…..

  29. says

    Admin please let me know the best way of diluting the garlic!!
    Provide me some invert:-( should I use water or rose water or lemon juice or honey…..!!!


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